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About - Salt n Light Ministries

Our History

In 2009, Walter Sieg was prompted by the Holy Spirit to start a men’s Bible Study on Radio with two other brothers in Christ.  Having no radio experience or knowledge of the radio industry but following the Holy Spirits guidance; Salt n Light Ministries was launched on Christian radio 1220 AM The Word in Cleveland, OH on 10.21.2009.  Beginning as a ½ hour show during afternoon drive time [4:30 pm] one day a week; after being on the air for only four months we were then given a 1 hour show, on Sunday evenings, that aired for the next three years.   Today we are on internet radio and looking forward to expanding God’s Word into other media areas.

Our Ministry

Take today’s issues that are effecting our everyday lives, and see what God’s Word has to say about them.  We then discuss these issues and how we can apply God’s Word to our everyday lives.   Our listeners are encouraged to participate in the discussion by email or telephone with their questions or comments.   Our ministry is targeted towards men as they are called to be the spiritual leaders of their households.


Our Vision

That Men would once again SEEK a Personal Relationship with God our Creator, who created us, Men & Women, for HIS Purpose.

Our Mission

To share the Living WORD of GOD with men so that they may Know the Living GOD as a Person, as a Friend and as a Savior.

Just as the apostles asked JESUS “‘Why is this man born blind?  Is it because of his sins or the sins of his father?’  JESUS answered ‘None of these, he was born blind so that GOD would be Glorified.’  So JESUS took dirt into HIS hands, spit into it and made mud.  Then HE placed the mud on the man’s eyes.  And immediateley the man could see.”  So it is with Trials in our lives.  They bring us closer to GOD. To seek Him out, to rely on HIM.  So that GOD can bring us into a closer relationship with HIM.


“Let the words of Chirst, in all their richness, live in your hearts and Make you Wise”  Colossians 3:16

Our Staff

Walter Sieg

Walter Seig

I was born into and brought up as a Catholic, believing in the Trinity and Jesus dying on the Cross for my sins.  I was never taught or encouraged to read or study the Bible, to seek a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  In 1999 at the age of 53 I became “born again” and entered into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  After a few years I became an adult Bible study teacher, then became a licensed Precept Bible Teacher through Precept Ministries International.  I was prompted by the Lord to enter into Radio Ministry in 2009.  I am married to my wife of 37 years, we have four adult children; three who are married and three grandchildren.

Ed Westgate

Being raised Catholic and growing up in a dysfunctional family, I knew of Jesus in my head but didn’t make the 18 inch journey to my heart until the year 2000 when I received Him into my heart and surrendered my life to Him. Since then the Lord has led me on quite a journey which has included leadership positions in our various Christian men’s groups; Precept Ministry Certifications allowing me to teach Precept Bible classes to serving on the board of Men of Valor men’s group for the Church of the Open Door, Elyria, Ohio. The Lord has blessed me with my beautiful wife Cathy and three gorgeous children, all of which are walking with the Lord. In 2009 the Lord called me to this radio ministry and I have tried to be obedient in all His assignments.

Steve Kohler

Stephen Kohler

I am a lifelong Christian, being saved as a child.  I have learned how to grow into being a Christian and figure out what that means as I have gotten older.  I have studied the last several years using the Precept Ministries International curriculum and have even taught a class or two.  I strive to be a “man after God’s own heart” and His friend (like Abraham).  I particularly like prophecy and the Old Testament.  My (awesome) wife Amy and I have four children (all with very different personalities) which we homeschool.